10.000+ Hours Sevices

Therapist of Reborn Group Batam massage are well trained from international massage shi fu ( China, Malaysia, Thailand ). Therapist also have experienced for 10.000+ hours.

Being a Spa Therapist is one of the fields that young people, especially women, are currently pursuing. and not a few men also enliven this Spa field. A Professional Female Spa Therapist is more in demand by clients to massage or massage their bodies, this is none other than because the clients will feel uncomfortable if the massage is done by men. however, there are also some female and male clients who choose male therapists in massage services because men are considered to have more power than women in performing pressure

Massage is the most common and important thing that must be mastered by a therapist. Massage is often a major part of a spa business and can be combined with other beauty treatments. In specialty spas, spa therapists may perform very unique Treatments or unusual physical treatments, and most spa therapists have a degree or certificate in Massage.

A Therapist may be expected to be able to master various kinds of beauty treatments for clients, this usually includes Manicure, scrubs, masks, and other treatments. Most spas will teach their staff how to use all the products they offer, as well as how to promote their treatments. general knowledge about beauty and skin health can be very useful in a spa environment.

Consumers who come to a beauty salon or spa require different treatments. Therefore, beauty therapists must know their needs through consultation sessions. To understand customer needs, beauty therapists need to have the ability to listen actively.

Customer needs can be identified by asking a number of questions. It doesn't stop there, beauty therapists analyze the conditions and needs of customers and then suggest the most appropriate type of treatment and beauty products.